Maya Soleil Traditions

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Maya Soleil - Tribal Groove and Funky World Dance Music

Maya Soleil Traditions

"a truly excellent band ... unique audio-visual experience ... a band that should be seen live"


Maya Soleil Traditions presents acoustic African song and dance with traditional musical instruments, colorful costumes, and featured performers from the countries of Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Ghana. Musicians and dancers of extraordinary talent, members of Maya Soleil Traditions use guitar, balafon (wooden xylophone), mbira (thumb piano), and African drums such as djembes and talking drums to weave complex rhythms and beautiful melodies. Original and traditional songs combine with high-energy dance to thrill audiences wherever this pan-African group performs. Come learn the simple melody of Kalela, the social dance song of Zambia, or work on your African dance steps following the lead of Maya Soleil's dancers. Or just listen and enjoy a story behind songs based in the culture of the great African continent.

Members of Maya Soleil Traditions have toured the world, performing and recording with many of the greats in African music and dance, including Fela (Nigeria), I.K. Dairo (Nigeria), Obo Addy (Ghana), Dumi Maraire (Zimbabwe), Kanda Bongo Man (Congo), and the national dance company of Zambia.



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