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Maya Soleil - Tribal Groove and Funky World Dance Music

The Magic of Maya Soleil

Moye Kashimbi

Moye Kashimbi first danced with the Zambia National Dance Troupe at age 9. As a dance instructor, she collaborated with Mapopa Mutonga (University of Zambia). Acting as a cultural ambassador for Zambia, Moye Kashimbi toured the world with several dance troupes, Julizya, and Amayenge. Appearing with Maya Soleil, she sings in the native language of her tribe (Lenje) and dances in both traditional and modern styles.

Lensa Gibbs Lensa Gibbs from Kenya is a vocalist, dancer, and songwriter. She was born and raised in Kenya, and sings in Swahili and English. Her youthful energy charms all-ages audiences
Awal Alhassan Awal Alhassan is a traditional Ghanaian performer, born and raised by a drumming and dancing family in Tamale, Ghana. Teaching and performing since the age of 7, he has worked throughout Africa both independently and with groups such as the University of Legon, the National Theatre of Ghana, and the Center for National Culture Dance Troupe, as well as leading the Zosimili after school program for youth. Now in Seattle, he leads Sohoyini Dance and performs high energy dancing and drumming with Maya Soleil and other groups in the Northwest.
Bob Antolin Bob Antolin from the USA is a multi-instrumentalist. He plays alto and soprano saxophone, flute, guitar, and the WX7 wind synth controller. He teaches jazz improvisation, and has performed in Japan, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.
Rob Pastorok Rob Pastorok from the USA is the driving force for the melodic keyboards and balafon of Maya Soleil. From the age of 14 years, Rob has studied the intricacies of jazz, funk, and world music. He has appeared with Kanda Bongo Man, I.K. Dairo, Sukutai Marimba & Dance, TRIBE-olution, Global Heat, and others. In 2014, Rob received an Artist Trust GAP award.
Lennox Holness Lennox Holness from Jamaica brings forth those funky bass lines and deep grooves for Maya Soleil. Lennox has an authentic background in the Jamaican Reggae scene, having grown up on "The Island". After spending years gigging in England and New York City, he moved to Seattle in 1999 and established himself as a player of world music with a jazz edge.
T.J. Morris T.J. Morris from the USA is a powerful vocalist and versatile percussionist. His energy on world drum kit (full drum set plus congas, African djembe, and gourd) draws every audience's attention. T.J.'s skills come from years of intensive study, playing, and recording, including four years on the Los Angeles music scene. He currently is collaborating with Swedish vocalist Petra on her new album. TJ is audio engineer, producer/musician, and manager at Deep Well Studio.


Guest Artists and Former Members

Lora Chiorah-Dye Lora Chiorah-Dye from Zimbabwe sings, dances, and plays balafon, mbira, and other percussion with Maya Soleil. Lora thrilled audiences around the world for over 15 years with her own group, the Sukutai Marimba Ensemble, presenting high-energy songs of the Shona people
Mwanike Wangu Mwanike Wangu is a dancer and vocalist who grew up in a village in Sikapasha, Zambia. Travelling to the USA with the Zambian group Amayenge, she settled in the Seattle area in the early 1990's. Her weumbo (traditional bamboo skirt) and pot dance delight audiences everywhere.
Naby Camara Naby Camara is a Guinea-born balafonist who grew up as part of a traditional griot family and eventually became the official balafonist of the Federal troupe of Conakry. Naby palyed with Fatala, Les Merve, Mandeng Yahara, and Les Ballet African de Guinea. He won a Juno award (canadian Grammy) for a CD with his own group, Lagni-Sussu.


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