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Maya Soleil - Tribal Groove and Funky World Dance Music


"The students who were in the workshop really seemed to be engaged," said Hirsch. "There were probably about 10 or so who didn't want to leave the room    and the drums    for a good 10 minutes after school had gotten out, which is saying something because at this level many kids will drop everything and run when the bell rings!"
        - The Daily Astorian (click here for full review)
"Super job...a truly wonderful group to work with"
        - 2005 Idaho State University professor and International student advisor
"Lora is the bomb... [we] were blown away by her charisma. She got almost the entire house on their feet to dance."
        - 2005 ZookBeat show at Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, CA - Producer
"Word on the street is that it was the best show there ever"
        - 2004 Tsillan Cellars - Michael Dickes, COHO Radio, Wenatchee, WA
"Definitely the highlight of the festival"
        - 2003 Starbelly Music Festival, Crawford Bay, BC - Miroslav Doval, Producer
"Fantastic, high energy performance!! Nobody wanted to leave..."
        - 2002 Salem World Beat Festival coordinator
"The group's music blends African lyric, rhythms and instruments with modern synthesizers, guitars and drums to create hot dance beats and jazzy sounds. What I like about this world fusion experience is that it exposes traditional African instruments, dance and song to a new audience."
        - African Cultures, June 2000, CD Review of Dance of the New Sun
"Truly excellent band... a unique audio-visual experience... this is a band that should be seen live"
" More high powered World music from one of the funkiest and groovenist contemporary World fusion groups in the Puget Sound.... This is a group who can get a crowd of people on their feet and stir them to a thriving emotion... Putamayo, where are you on these guys?"
        - Sounds of Seattle, June 2000, CD Review of Dance of the New Sun
"Maya Soleil is one of those rare bands that combines talent, enthusiasm, and performance into a hard to define, yet easy to grasp, infectious music... that envelops you right out onto the pulsing dancefloor"
        - V. Norman, Liquid City Records, Seattle
"Your music is so incredible and unusual"
        - P.R. Seattle
"Outstanding musicianship"
        - J.B., Booking agent, Seattle
"It's simply the best song I've ever heard in my whole life. I hope you'll get very famous so that I can find your CD in France.... You're all magic!"
        - GF, Noisy le Grand, France
"Imaginative and exciting...unique blend of music from American and African traditions"
        - B. Rossi, Executive Director, Youth Advancement through Music and Art
"Move over Britney Spears. Your brand of pop music has been replaced by the sounds of world fusion played by Maya Soleil"
        - The Issaquah Press
"The introduction of a new kind of music must be shunned as imperiling the whole state, for styles of music are never disturbed without affecting the most important political institutions. ... The new style, gradually gaining a lodgement, quitely insinuates itself into manners and customs, and from it ... goes on to attack laws and constitutions, displaying the utmost impudence, until it ends by overturning everything."
        - Plato, "Republic", 370 B.C. (courtesy of Ben "Jammin" at


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