Maya Soleil Electric Band

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Maya Soleil - Tribal Groove and Funky World Dance Music

Maya Soleil Electric Band

"Their music is ALIVE! It will awaken your heart, your soul and your feet!"
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"A group who can get a crowd of people on their feet and stir them to a thriving emotion" 
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Maya Soleil electric ensemble presents a high-energy show of original multicultural music, blending traditional African rhythm and vocals with contemporary sounds in a jazzy, dance mix. Costumed vocalists-dancers Moye Kashimbi from Zambia and Sukutai (Lora Chiorah-Dye) from Zimbabwe charm the audience with vocals in several African languages and English, with their solo dances, and with audience-interactive dance and song. The ensemble ranges from six to nine members representing Africa, Jamaica, the Philippines, and the USA.

Shows are tailored to the presenter's budget and vision, but typically include both traditional African songs backed by vocals and percussion (with some balafon or guitar) to a full electric band. Captivating rhythms and visually striking costumes draw the attention of any audience. Add a splash of R & B and Jazz to traditional African music styles and you have the exciting sound of the Maya Soleil electric band.

Instrumentation backing sweet African vocals includes saxophones, flutes, guitar, keyboards, balafon (wooden xylophone), mbira (thumb piano), African drums such as djembes and talking drums, electric bass, and a special world drum kit (featured in the international magazine Modern Drummer)



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